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1.  Follow the Menasha High School Athletic Code of Conduct.


2.  Respect for all teammates, coaches, other teams, and officials at all times.


3. Maintain passing grades in ALL classes.


   -  Grade Checks will be completed once every two weeks.


   -  If a student is failing, s/he will not be allowed to practice or compete until passing.


4.  Punctuality for all practices and meets.  Being late will not be tolerated.


    -  Unexcused tardies to two or  more practices in one week will result in wrestler missing one competition.


5. Attendance at all practices and meets.  Unexcused absences will not be tolerated.


    - Any absenses must be excused in writing at least 24 hours prior to the absence.  One unexcused absence will


      result in wrestler missing one competition.


6.  Come to practice ready to work hard and improve.  If a wrestler is not doing his best in practice to improve, the


    coaching staff reserves the right to remove said wrestler from practice or competition.


7.  Weight management is the responsibility of the wrestler.  No Wrestler needs to lose weight.  However, all


    changes in weight class should be discussed with a coach prior to the change.


8.  If a wrestler misses weight for a competition, s/he may not be allowed to compete.


9.  Wrestle-offs for Varsity positions will be held at the beginning of the season.  As the season progresses,


    wrestle-offs will be held at the discretion of the coaching staff.


10.  Wrestlers qualify for a Varsity letter when earning a minimum of 25 Varsity team points.


11.  Wrestlers must maintain good hygiene.  Showering immediately after practice is a requirement.


12.  The team comes before the individual.  All lineup and coaching decisions will be made by the staff for the


     betterment of the team.



**Note - Competing for the team is a privilege, not a right.  any student-athlete who does not meet these


    expectations and whose actions are detrimental to the team in any way will be disnissed from the team.

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